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Getting extent of each individual feature in the vector source in OpenLayers?

You are probably trying to get features from source before features are loaded. You have to wait for source featuresloadend event and then request features. Sample code could then look something like ...
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Iterating over the features of a vector layor then performing zonal statistics algorithm on each feature in PyQGIS

You can make use of the QgsFeatureSource.materialize() method. from qgis.analysis import QgsZonalStatistics from qgis.core import QgsRasterLayer, QgsVectorLayer v_layer = QgsVectorLayer("...
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Join Multiple Lines Plugin creates extra lines

Solution: Seems using "Dissolve" resolved my issue without having to use "Join Multiple Lines"
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Segment lines by given divider

Update: I managed to do it with the v.segment tools from GRASS. I had issues creating the .txt needed but in the end it did exactly what I needed. So the txt file needs to be ordered that way with Tab ...
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Segment lines by given divider

It can be done using the Split Lines by Maximum Length processing algorithm. Use the layer that has one feature per line; since you are splitting the lines only in two, you can use either of the 2 ...
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