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I would also add the project. Once you select the "Editor" you can create your own Leaflet-based map using a lot of shapes available from the panel 9circles, polygons, lines, etc). The tool has also quite wide saving option with the following formats: GeoJson, TopoJson, WKT, SHP, CSV, KML and Shapefile. It's very similar to


I also just had to use a free service to calculate directions between two (or more) locations and I found's API quite helpful and it's limits for free use seem quite reasonable.


You can now accomplish this with rasterio. From the example at: import rasterio with rasterio.Env(): with'tests/data/shade.tif') as src: shade = meta = src.meta with'/tmp/colormap.tif', 'w', **meta) as dst: dst.write(shade,...

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