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WFS: Count available feature Types

I do not really understand this case. It is supposed to get the list of layers by parsing the GetCapabilities document with a real XML parser, but text search with a well selected string can work as ...
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GeoTools WFS Transaction modifyfeatures problem: WFSException: Invalid value for property the_geom

I resolved my problem by downgrading WFS service version in the connection parameters of WFSDataStoreFactory. By default, WFS service version is 2.0.0, which is got exception in updating geometries. I ...
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How to do a WFS version 2.0.0 GetFeature request with OL3?

I may be a bit late, but as I myself was looking for how to change the version in writeGetFeature to 2.0.0 in the current version of OL (v7.2.2) maybe someone else will find this answer useful. It ...
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