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Use Geoserver geojson in Leaflet

for bypassing the error: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' for your development you simply can install an extension to allow access from your localhost: "Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-origin&...
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How to replicate QGIS's Identify Features functionality with ogr2ogr when downloading data from WFS endpoint?

Your issue has something to do with the attribute with a name "name". Name has some special meaning in GML3 but unfortunately I don't exactly understand what. I can only show by examples ...
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Does GeoServer support FILTERs in GetFeature requests?

BBOX lives in the fes namespace not the ogc one if you are using a WFS 2.0.0 server, I have a feeling it might work if you define an ogc namespace rather than an fes one. However, I suspect you need ...
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What is the dimension used in OpenLayers stroke width?

The resolution provided by OpenLayers is based on cartesian distance, which is very inaccurate for EPSG:3857. See Pseudo Mercator error? In your style function, you can use getPointResolution as ...
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Finding the OGC API Features endpoint of a FastCGI QGIS server

In our case the endpoint turned out to be I am not sure if that is by default. To specify the project, the URL looks like this:
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