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Quick manual way that lets GDAL to take care of the tricks is to use ogr2ogr and WFS driver The basic command for saving the feature type "fis:s_fb_berlinbtk" into GeoPackage "biotypen.gpkg" is ogr2ogr -f gpkg biotypen.gpkg WFS:


A quick way for doing it without duplicates would be to do the retrieval manually So As you say gives us 103331 features: <wfs:FeatureCollection xmlns:wfs="http://www....


The map file is correct. In OpenLayers, you have created a tile layer and its source is tileWMS, that's why you are getting WMS. to get WFS, africa_wfs_source = new ol.source.vector({ format : new ol.format.GeoJson(), url: function(extent) { return 'http://*****/cgi-bin/mapserv? map=/data/mapFile/' + ...

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