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You have two choices: you can swap <-> for st_distanceSphere, or you can use geography select,, st_distanceSphere(a.geom,b.geom) from a,b order by st_distanceSphere(a.geom,b.geom); select,, a.geom::geography <-> b.geom::geography from a,b order by a.geom::geography <-> b.geom::geography; Let's not forget that <-> ...


Try 3347 as input projection.


It looks like your points might be in EPSG:32187 (NAD83 MTM Zone 7) which would correspond to points in Old Quebec City. It is important to tell the system the correct coordinate system and zone that your points are expressed in. Let's take the MTM Zones as an example: In each zone, the x,y coordinates repeat themselves, but 3 longitude degrees apart. ...

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