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Is EGM2008 different to WGS84 ellipsoid?

In short I have a DEM dataset which describes the vertical reference used as "height above the WGS84 ellipsoid". As I understand it this assumes vertical values to have MSL as a reference ...
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Transforming from NAD83(2011) or from WGS84 gives the same result (pyproj)

You get that result because for Proj NAD83(2011) and WGS 84 mean the same. You can get a full report by testing the transformation with Projinfo. projinfo -s epsg:6318 -t epsg:4326 Candidate ...
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Convert WGS84 to Local Point

You could convert WGS84 to ECEF coordinates, then choose a ref point (should get a matrix 4x4) to convert to ENU coordinates. But WGS84->ECEF is costly, you may directly use mapbox/cheap-ruler to ...
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How to convert wgs84 from ellipsoidal height to mean sea level i.e. height above goid, with pyproj?

The solution (derived from Scott Staniewicz's answer to this question) is to use a composite transformation: from pyproj import Transformer t=Transformer.from_crs("epsg:4979", "epsg:...
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How can I determine point coordinate sysystem?

On the IPUMS NHGIS website they say: "We project the data into Esri's USA Contiguous Albers Equal Area Conic Projected Coordinate System" So that would be ESRI:102003 NAD 1983 Albers ...
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