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gdal ImportError in python on Windows

I recommend to place the path to GDAL in the PATH variable BEFORE(!!) the python path. In this way you avoid the fact that python can not find the necessary gdal.dlls
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Changing language of QGIS Interface

Settings (or extra) --> options --> Locale --> (click to override) then chose language --> restart the programme to apply the new settings
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gdal ImportError in python on Windows

Similarly, I placed C:\Program Files (x86)\GDAL; at the very first in the Path of System Variables. Issue solved after 1 day of searching the web. Using Python 2.7.10, 32 bit, Windows 8.
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QGIS running on Windows XP says ...\saga_cmd.exe is not valid Win32 application?

I had the same problem and fixed it by: getting the win32 zip of SAGA-GIS v. 2.3.1 (not ltr, there is no reference of ltr there) from their sourceforge repository https://sourceforge.net/projects/...
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