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Time dimension support for GeoServer layer groups

It is not, as of version 2.23.x. Dimension enabling a layer group could prove to be challenging in general, there is no guarantee the dimensions of the layers making up the group would align.
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Are there any work-arounds for WMS width and height limit when printing?

I had the same problem as OP but for XYZ tile, rather than WMS. As @Tonyw suggested in previous answer, and as can be seen in the linked Youtube Video, changing the tile size seemed to be a successful ...
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Would like to have a WMS with colored polygon features but not a legend

An alternative solution to this was modifying the underlying dataset: Create a new field (such as COLORID) and cycle values from 0 to 9 as values (can be done by calculating filed value as remainder ...
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WMS XML file does not have "contents" tag

A WMS GetCapabilities response never has a contents tag; there's no such element defined by the WMS standard (for example see The contents ...
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Tiled service or not?

The WMS standard does not support tiling, but the OSGeo organization defined a long time ago a well defined profile to use WMS as tiled At least ...
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How to know if WMS GetLegendGraphic supports bounding box?

GetLegendGraphic is defined in the SLD standard Support for SLD is optional in WMS. I think that you have done almost everything that you can. WMS is based on the ...
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