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  1. How to create a Minimum, Complete, and Verifiable example on stackoverflow? See this SO post and Python-based code examples.
  2. Should .apply() be used? See here for the answer.
  3. Need to convert a column of lists into separate df columns? Check here.
  4. Convert a dask bag to a ddf? Here's an example. Other dask.bag links - (1) bag from list of generators, (2) ddf from bag of dicts
  5. Need to get the size of a df or ddf? See 1, 2 or 3.
  6. Beginner's guide to git
  7. Ansible docs to go from with_xyz style loops to loop keyword.
  8. Can't run jupyter lab even though it is installed? See here.
  9. Keyboard shortcut to clear your entire command prompt.
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