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I have been actively using ArcGIS since 2001 back in the days of ArcFM from Miner&Miner and before ArcObjects even existed circa ArcGIS 8.0. From 2000 to 2005 I worked for a consulting firm tayloring ArcGIS for use by Telecom Clients (Copper, Coax, and Fiber Network modeling in ArcGIS). In 2006 I began operating as an independant consultant covering tasks from DB Administration, CAD Conversion, GPS Integration and Third Party Data Integration. I have built several client specific Extensions using ArcObjects and .NET. I'm fairly proficient with VB.net, C#, python, SQL, Javascript, php ... eh... list goes on and on you know. I enjoy tackling one-off problems with no commercially available solution that give most people a splitting head-ache. Having spent 4 years in the Air Force, I really gained an appreciation for "Attention to Detail". That mindset has helped me come to understand ArcGIS at a level that affords me a flexibility and proficiency that I can leverage in assisting others in their own GIS implementation.

Always looking to help those who want to help themselves!! Cheers :)

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