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PHOTOMETRIC tag not producing expected result
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I solved this by writing a function to invert my data. def invert_dataset(min, max, data): for i, row in enumerate(data): for j, value in enumerate(row): A = value - min ...

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Add a GeoJSON feature collection of linestrings to OpenLayers map
Accepted answer
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As @TomazicM suggested, this turned out to be a async/sync JS issue. The geojson object returns after my code attempts to display the coordinates. To get round this, I loaded the geoJSON synchronously....

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Access specific feature property in local GeoJSON file?
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I ended up using jquery to load the geoJSON to access the properties. Here is the code: $.getJSON( "http://myserver.com/mygeojson.js", function( data ) { data.features.forEach(dothis); ...

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