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Jonathan Applebaum
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I am a passionate software developer, .NET enthusiastic,
I love to use and explore the C# and VB.NET programming languages.
When working on the client-side in web projects I love to use Angular and Typescript.

I am also the author of CodVerter web application,
advanced text and HTML editors and a variety of data manipulation tools,
created for developers.

When working on desktop applications projects I prefer the good old and stable Winforms platform.

If you need a performance "clock-like" charts for WinForms check my Business-Clocks-Charts open-source code library at GitHub.

Currently enjoying while developing applications for Samsung smartwatches (based on Tizen OS) using C# and Xamarin.
I will be happy to give some guidelines for developers who want to start developing for Tizen with the .NET platform or answer questions about this topic.
All of my creations can be found on this website.

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