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Making mass/bulk update by attribute value in ArcGIS Desktop?
4 votes

May be an overkill, but I tried Python with the Field Calculator:

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What is the target .NET Framework of ESRI ArcObjects SDK 10.2
2 votes

I installed the 10.2 and created ArcMapAddin test project. It seems it targets the .Net 4.0 by default. The 10.2 ArcMap.exe.config is not targeting .NET 4.0 by default: In Win7 32 bit the ArcMap.exe....

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Geoprocessing Service based on Python Fails with IOError: "SDE" does not exist Failed to execute
1 votes

In details how to hardcode the FeatureClass parameter as a constant value input: Make sure the paramether DataType is "Feature Class" Browse the network path to the sde connection and the Feature ...

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How to fix buffer selection issue in ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API and LGIM applications
1 votes

The LGIM data supporting the application is possible issue. LOWERPARCELID field in the ParcelPublishing dataset, TaxParcel Feature Class must not have records. The Geometry Buffer Selection ...

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ArcObjects snipped to Select all Features currently visible on the ArcMap screen (ActiveView)
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Here's what I came up with. Not sure if I should use mxDoc.ActiveView instead of mxDoc.FocusMap. IMxDocument mxDoc = ArcMap.Document; m_focusMap = mxDoc.FocusMap as IActiveView; ...

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