Result I want to accomplish: With extensive expertise and experience as an engineer with a creative business mind I bring invaluable expertise to companies seeking to develop and streamline their systems support. With modern technology and agile methodologies, I run the development process forward and get the complicated seem simple. I identify improvement opportunities and coming up with new ideas that add value for the customer.I create high quality results and shows a strong drive by being a creative and committed team player who inspires and develops others. Above all, I work in businesses that need help with agile development in which quality is high in focus.

”With his high level of ambition Robert makes the complicated seem simple, and he adds the invaluable knowledge that creates security for his clients”

My professional reputation: Robert is explicitly dedicated and shows a strong driving force to get things done. He is a role model as a consultant and his combination between being business minded, his technical knowledge and humility makes him unique. He inspires with his aspiration to always deliver the best, he sees new perspectives and alternative solutions and adds invaluable knowledge. Robert has the ability to handle his customers in a dedicated way, and his work stands for high quality and optimal results. He is an excellent team player who really inspires his surroundings. Robert wants to make a difference and has the ability to lead and spur development work. He is perceptive to his clients, has a very high level of ambition, a wide experience from different lines of business and he inspires with his humility.

The abstract above is based upon the responses from colleagues and customers responding to a series of questions anonymously in March 2013. The answers have been analyzed and presented by Per Frykman AB. 070-624 00 58

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