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Adding vertices to polygon in PostGIS?
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A simple alternate solution might be ST_Segmentize(). This function will add vertices to your polygon such that no segment is longer than a given length. If getting using the exact midpoints is ...

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Calculating Voronoi Diagrams for polygons
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I like the answer which mentioned "Segment Voronoi diagrams," but I ultimately found it difficult to implement in my particular workflow. I found that because my geometries were fairly detailed (i.e., ...

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pgAdmin III SQL creating a point
1 votes

UpdateGeometrySRID() is unnecessary because your column already has an SRID set, as indicated in your error message. You need to do something like this: UPDATE tmorr.dc_crimes SET geom = ST_SetSRID(...

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Polygon found with search cursor, but not update cursor
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Found the solution, though I have no idea why it works. The code works if I move edit.startOperation() and edit.stopOperation() inside the loop: # Open an edit session and attempt to find all the ...

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