I have an ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 feature service. The feature classes are saved in a SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Geodatabase. The feature classes have attachments enabled. They are non-versioned and have archiving enabled to allow syncing and offline editing. I've added the feature service to ArcGIS Online. I can edit the feature classes and add attachments with no errors. But when I close the editor window and then identify the feature it says 'No Attachments Found'. When I look at the geodatabase on the server there is a record in the __ATTACH table but when I Identify a feature it doesn't show any attachments. Has anyone successfully setup attachments on a 10.2.2 feature service in an Enterprise Geodatabase?

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After enabling attachments on the input table or feature class,

run the Generate Attachment Match Table tool to create a match table that will assist you in associating the records from the input table with files on disk. Input to this tool consists of an Input Folder which contains the files to be attached and a Key Field. The tool works by iterating through each row in the input table and comparing the value from that row's Key Field to all of the files in the Input Folder. A match is found when the base name (file name without file extension) for the file matches the value in the key field. The output created contains a field named MATCHID (the ObjectID from the input table or feature class) and a field named FILENAME (the file path to the matched file)

Required is Input Folder MATCHID (the ObjectID) and a field named FILENAME must match


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