I am using the following coming back from a socketio connection:

L.geoJson(data.streets, {
     onEachFeature: map.onEachFeature

It's throwing the following error:

Invalid GeoJSON object.

My GeoJSON is here

I've run it through several JSON/GeoJSON validating tools and they all come back as valid. It's also definitely already a json object (I tried with JSON.parse(data.streets))

What am I missing? I did use a flatProperties option on my osmtogeojson library but as mentioned, the above code validates on all the online checks I can find.

  • As @FranceImage showed, the GeoJSON itself is valid. So it must be how you are using it. Can you post a jsfiddle showing the problem? – Josh Oct 22 '14 at 15:24

The GeoJson you link to is valid

See by yourself http://jsfiddle.net/FranceImage/pcqsne4z/

L.geoJson(getData(), {
    onEachFeature: handleFeature

function getData() { 
return {
    "type": "FeatureCollection",
        "geometry": {
            "type": "LineString",
            "coordinates": [
                [-1.0950612, 50.7902086],
                [-1.0953699, 50.790231]

You have to check what is in data.streets

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  • Honestly I'm not sure what changed by my browser stopped throwing that error today, so I'll mark this as answered. So strange and sorry for wasting your time :/ – Titan Oct 23 '14 at 9:58

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