I am trying to import a .pbf file into my postgres/postgis database. I am using the following command line for importing the osm file

C:\Users\Toton>osm2pgsql -c -d osmgb -U postgres -H localhost -S C:\osm2pgsql\os m2pgsql-master\default.style E:\osmgb\great-britain-latest.osm.pbf

Its returning the following error

release notes: 'Windows version built by Dominik Perpeet (http://www.customdebug.com/osm2pgsql/index.html)' Using projection SRS 900913 (Spherical Mercator) Error reading style file line 151 (fields=4) flag 'phstore' is invalid in non-hstore mode Error occurred, cleaning up

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Create hstore extension in your PostGIS database run SQL query "CREATE EXTENSION hstore" and enable hstore option in osm2pgsql import command adding key "--hstore"

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