I am using the WAB(3) (Web App Builder, Beta 3) doing development of ESRI-based maps using FeatureClasses stored in our own City Government REST Services.

We currently have a program called 'Adopt-A-Spot' where corporations/individuals can adopt a section of town for various maintenance and cleanliness provisions. What I would like is to offer a webmap with two different kinds of dots.

Dot #1 : SPOT - These are locations on the map that are either ADOPTED or AWAITING ADOPTION. Dot #2 : ADOPTER - These are locations where the Adopter is based out of (home for individual, corporate HQ for companies)

I would like for someone clicking on an a SPOT to have a link that will jump to the ADOPTER and vice versa.

Using the Javascript API for ESRI / Dojo / WAB(3) is there a best way of doing this?

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