I am trying to create some code to generate 10 random points within a vector layer's districts:

import ogr
import sys
import random
from shapely import wkb, geometry


for i in xrange(Moz_no):



  while random_point_count<11:
    maxx, maxy, minx, miny = district.bounds
    random_point=geometry.Point(minx_+(random.random()*(maxx-minx)), (miny+ (random.random()*(maxy-miny))))

However, when I run the code, it gives me this error:

TypeError: QgsVectorLayer.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest request=QgsFeatureRequest()): argument 1 has unexpected type 'int'

Could someone please help me, and explain what is going on?


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The link @underdark used in the comment should give you plenty to review. However, to address your error, the getFeatures command does not take an integer as a parameter. It takes a QgsFeatureRequest object. See the documentation for more details.

Instead of using an index, try something like:

for district_tmp in layer.getFeatures():

There's no need to get the count of features, enumerate through an xrange, and then select the feature by index. Just enumerate through the features.

(Untested code so I might be missing something fundamental in your problem.)

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