I have 2 overlays with local tiles (xyz) on my map. When the user zoom in / out and pan the map intentionally a lot, the app becomes very slow because OL tries to render all the tiles it was requested by the pan & zoom, but they are no longer needed on the view because the user zoomed out from there.

Is there a way to reduce this load? Will it be faster if instead of xyz layer I'll use geojson layer with styles?

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You would have to be a on a fairly low-tech machine, or be zooming/panning via automation in order to have issues rendering only two XYZ layers. I suspect your issue is related to something else. If it was an actual issue, you could employ a bounds/extent trigger to stop rendering and halt network traffic for tiles that are out of view. That being said, OpenLayers does do this in the background for you.

Try creating a new OL3 map with just your two XYZ layers and see if you have the same issue. You can then use a browser profiler or network proxy (like Fiddler) to see where the performance issue might be.

Further to your question on GeoJSON v XYZ, if you decided to render GeoJSON, you're asking the browser engine to do a whole lot more than simply display an XYZ tile. Unless your data is very simple, then you're not going to get a performance boost from rendering the data yourself.

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    This answer doesnt hold true at this date, OpenLayers sends a lot of requests even while zooming and panning , such a mature library but still this functionality is so hard to hit. Commented Apr 12, 2022 at 8:43

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