I have an XML feed of road conditions that needs to be linked to a roads layer in an Esri web map. The web map should be built with Portal for ArcGIS. (Though other suggestions/approaches are welcome!)

Can anyone provide guidance on how to accomplish this?

The XML data is: http://hotline.gov.sk.ca/cgi-bin/atom/atom.py?key=92ddd862335b48e494c98f38249a0ee6


You need to use the GeoEvent Extension for ArcGis Server in order to use realtime data. You can find tutorials on how to use it over here: http://server.arcgis.com/en/geoevent-extension/latest/get-started/what-is-arcgis-geoevent-extension-for-server.htm

I took a look at the xml-stream, but there is no geodata available. So you might want to use a geolocator too.


A straightforward approach would be to create a Hosted Feature Service of the roads and corresponding attributes in your portal. Then you can use the ArcGIS REST API to update the attributes. This could be automated with a python script that parses the XML feed and sends the updates on a regular interval.

To establish the initial Hosted Feature Service, you could use python to convert the XML feed to CSV and use the Join Features tool to associate the attributes with your road layer.

Hosted Feature Service REST API

Python Notebook Sample

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