I have an application that is using ESRI for leaflet to pull in MapServices. I can successfully pull in map services and render in my application. However, sometimes the map services return an error (400, 500, etc). When this occurs I can no longer click on other data I am showing on the map (geojson data coming from a MongoDB). Is there a way to handle these errors so they do not interfere with the user experience?

  • which type of layer are you creating (feature, tiled, dynamic, etc)? Can you share a simple code snippet which demonstrates how you're building the layer from geojson? Commented Mar 21, 2016 at 23:25

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if the services are returning errors intermittently when you attempt to load them, my suggestions in the issue below should be helpful.


if something else is going on, please provide a little more info (particularly im interested in what type of services you're loading and what specific types of requests are failing.


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