Is it possible to read .mbtiles files through Mapbox iOS or Android SDK?

I'm trying to download .mbtiles from osm2vectortiles.org and setting up a full offline application running offline maps.

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MBTiles can be displayed in the Mapbox Maps iOS SDK by hosting a web server within your app and pointing the map to localhost. I've posted my solution here:


I'm sure this same sort of thing could be done on Android as well.

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This kind person has provided a similar solution for Android as is mentioned by Alan. It uses as local server (JPG/PNG/PBF etc) as the tile srouce reading from your local mbtiles files. I haven't implemented this, but from a brief reading it seems sound:



Yes, it is possible. See "OpenMapTiles" app on Google Play or App Store.

We can provide you with the source code of our sample mobile app which is able to read MBTiles offline directly. Contact [email protected].

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