I have a Map content with attribute table and a related attribute csv table, linked with a common field.

When preparing a printing table I'd like to add both tables to my layout, filtering them with map content. For shapefile attribute table, it is pretty easy (checking"Show only visible feature" command). I cannot filter related table, because if I check "Show only visible feature", I obtain an empty table. Using "Relation children" option, I cannot see any relation, both with table used as children than as parent.

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If I understand it well, this is normal behaviour, because your csv table doesn't have a geometry.

  1. join layers via Joins in vector layer properties.

  2. go to print composer and add attribute table of vector layer (with joined csv) twice.

  3. hitting Attribute.. button (in table item properties) you can select individual attributes that will show up - so in one table you can leave only original attributes of vector layer and in second only joined attributes from csv.

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