Built a layer list widget using web-app builder and integrated it with our Spring application.

I'm trying to pass state parameter to layer definitions through the following code:

this.operLayerInfos._operLayer.layerObject.layerDefinitions=["STATE IN ('CA')"];
this.operLayerInfos._operLayer.layerObject.supportDynamicLayers = true;
this.operLayerInfos._operLayer.layerObject.disableClientCaching = true;

This is not reflecting in the map.

  • Im stuck. Can someone help? – nandhini Jun 15 '17 at 7:22

Following code worked.

var ldefs = [];

array.forEach(operLayer.layerObject.layerInfos, function(layerInfo)){
    ldefs.push("STATE IN ('CA')");
}, this);

operLayer.layerObject.supportDynamicLayers = true;
operLayer.layerObject.disableClientCaching = true;

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