I am using Geoserver 2.12 with the application schema plugin to map a PostGIS database schema to the GeodesyML schema. I need to set up a WFS request that returns GeodesyML output such as:

  <geo:GeodesyML gml:id="geoml_monuments.fid-39d8a647_15cd161ff6e_-7e89">
        <geo:height />
        <geo:foundation />
           <geo:siteName>Cordell, OK</geo:siteName>
           <geo:countryCodeISO>United States</geo:countryCodeISO>
           <geo:tectonicPlate>North America</geo:tectonicPlate>
                 <gml:Point gml:id="cart.geoml_monuments.fid-39d8a647_15cd161ff6e_-7e89" />
                 <gml:Point gml:id="latlon.geoml_monuments.fid-39d8a647_15cd161ff6e_-7e89" srsDimension="2">
                    <gml:pos>-98.977854677 35.355545782</gml:pos>

I have succeeded in doing this when the data is all stored in a single materialized view in my database. Unfortunately this is too limiting and I need to be able to pull things from multiple views. Specifically I want to be able to pull the geodeticPosition and cartesianPosition geometry objects from a PostGIS view called location_view and all the rest of the data from site_view. I believe the way to do this is by Feature Chaining wherein I need to set up a top level mapping file which pulls data from site_view and <Include>s a second mapping file that pulls from location_view. In each of these mapping files, what do I need to have in the <targetElement>, <targetAttribute>, <linkElement>, <linkField>, and <sourceExpression> fields? Alternatively, is there an easier way to pull data from two different tables/views into a single mapping file?

Here is an example provided from the Geoserver docs on Feature Chaining

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