There are lots of EPSG:4326 (lat lon) services out there but if one has to use an UTM projected map as base layer to display utm scenes, are there any WMS endpoints publicly available for that?


when you googling you can see some of utm supported wms service... for example Toporama Web Map Service has lots of projections available for service requests.

When you write this to browser, you will see lots of projection as defined NAD83 / UTM zone in Layer section.

i hope it helps you...

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Since your question is not specific with regard to an area of interest, I did a quick web search for "wms utm" and came up with 2 almost immediately. They are both based in Canada, and are government data portals.

  1. The Atlas of Canada: This provides a number of data layers on a world, continental and national level. The wms layers are available in quite a number of different projections, including but not limited to the UTM zones.
  2. GeoBase Canada: This organization is a consortium of mapping agencies in Canada.

This was a quick search. I am sure a more detailed search including your area of interest, would provide more relevant results.

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The Norwegian Mapping Authority has several free "to use for non-commercial purposes" WMS services for Norway (and, some less detailed of Europe), in UTM Zones 31-35N.

Available here: http://www.statkart.no/?module=Articles;action=Article.publicShow;ID=14089/

But, you should be a bit more specific as to where your area of interest is?

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  • I was not specific because I am looking for global coverage. I guess it would be attainable only putting together several servers – a1an May 31 '12 at 12:22

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