I recently started working with GeoServer and stored some shapefiles. I successfully can retrieve the data as JSON. The data I want to maintain in the database changes over time. I do not want to update the values but add a new revision with a time stamp of the very same data. Further, in the query reply I would like to see all revisions of one feature being returned.

Question: How can I store and serve various revisions of the same data with GeoServer?

Update: I am also interested in other software that fulfils the requirement to serve geospatial data with the versioning feature.


I guess the answer to my question is the WFS Versioning project. Sebastian Benthall wrote about the topic showing some visual examples. Further work is discussed in the GeoGit approach. The user manual of the WFS Versioning extension can be found here as well as a link to try it out!

I will explore the topics. Nevertheless, if somebody likes to add practical experiences, you are very welcome to extend this post!

Update: The project seems to paused at the moment due to the lack of funding (source IRC channel #geoserver).

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