I need to convert a Feature Collection containing only numeric data to a 2D matrix. I have written the following code however it gives matA as a list of arrays despite explicit type conversion, here table is my feature collection and data is the list of properties I need to extract into the matrix

// list of data to extract from FC
var data=ee.List(['bio01','bio02','bio03','bio04','bio05','bio06','bio07',

//data becomes the list from which the user wants to remove the ones he doesn't need

var tableArray=table.toList(200,0)  // list of features

var tableList=ee.List(tableArray.map(function(element){
  var feat=ee.Feature(element)  
  var array=feat.toArray(data)  //feature to array
  return ee.List(array) //array to list 

// array needs all elements of list only not array inside list so we change feature to list

var matA=ee.Array(tableList)


The error I am getting is:

Array (Error)
Array: Unrecognized type, may only use numbers or lists, found type Array.

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The following code works to convert feature collection to arrays

var tableList = table.toList(200).map(function(element) {
  return ee.Feature(element).toArray(data)

var matA = ee.Array.cat(tableList, 1)

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