So I'm pretty sure I'm missing something very simple, but --

I'm trying to create a new dataset inside CARTO, by using the "Connect Dataset" button and choosing "Box" (I want to connect to a CSV file inside my Box account). Basically the exact workflow described here in the "Connect Dataset" section.

Unfortunately the list of files I get to choose from in Box doesn't seem to include my file? The interface says it's displaying 200 files -- a round number like that makes me suspect there's some kind of limit to how many files can be read from Box & it's somehow arbitrarily picking which ones it's making available to me? I have way more than 200 files in my Box account. The "Search" function doesn't seem to work at all, as it turns up no results for anything, no matter what I search for.

I went through this process perfectly once before, but now the list simply doesn't include the file I need to import/sync to -- though it's an accepted format. How can I make the CARTO import mechanism via Box see the CSV file I want?

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You are right. CARTO's Box connector shows a maximum of 200 files. You can check the source code here. There is a couple of fixes requested that could solve this issue:

Hopefully, one of these will be addressed soon.

Disclaimer: I work at CARTO.

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