I have Feature Service in my ArcGIS Online account that is made up of a number of feature layers. The feature service was created by publishing a file geodatabase. I am adding the Feature Service as a new GroupLayer() and passing a new PortalItem() to the constructor.

This adds all the feature layers to the map and I can see them in the LayerList. Only features with polyline geometry render properly though. Layers with point geometry cause the GroupLayer to stop rendering (all items in group layer stay at same position on screen even while map is panned/zoomed). It also continuously throws the error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBoundVAO' of null

If I toggle the visibility to false for all of the point layers and leave only the polyline layers then the map behaves exactly as expected.

What is even more bizarre is if I change the visualization properties of the point layers in ArcGIS Online to display as a heatmap instead of points then the rendering issue goes away.

Is there a way to symbolize the point layers as points in the group layer and still have everything render properly? I have a feeling this is a bug in the Javascript API. Can anyone confirm this?


I solved the similar issue with setting option cacheLayers to false. Request for images for Point layer doesn't perform after first creation, setting cacheLayers to false solved this.

new L.esri.featureLayer({
    cacheLayers: false

But probably there are side effects in this case.

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