As I can find, there are two kinds of snapping in ArcGIS 10.2.2:

1- Classic snapping.

2- New ArcGIS Snapping, which doesn't have any specific name as I know.

I can't implement the New ArcGIS snapping in an ArcGIS Engine application. As I have read, it is completely available in ArcGIS Engine library but I can't make it work. The following is the code I'm working on :

IHookHelper2 m_hookHelper2 = new HookHelperClass
       Hook = mapMain.Object
 } as IHookHelper2;
 IExtensionManager extensionManager = m_hookHelper2.ExtensionManager;

 if (extensionManager != null)
      UID guid = new UIDClass();
      guid.Value = "{E07B4C52-C894-4558-B8D4-D4050018D1DA}";
      IExtension extension = extensionManager.FindExtension(guid);
     ISnappingEnvironment m_SnappingEnvironment = extension as 
     m_SnappingEnvironment.SnappingType = 
                esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeEdge | 
     m_SnappingEnvironment.Enabled = true;
     m_SnappingEnvironment.ShowSnapTips = true;
     m_SnappingEnvironment.SnapTipType = 
     ISnappingFeedback m_SnappingFeedback = new SnappingFeedbackClass();
     m_SnappingFeedback.Initialize(null, m_SnappingEnvironment, true);

     if (m_SnappingFeedback != null)

I should mention again that I want to implement New ArcGIS Snapping not the classic one.

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