Currently I can click on the GraphicsLayer and I can see an array of all my Graphics added there.

const layerMarkers = new GraphicsLayer({id: layerId});
const graphic = new Graphic(point, imageSymbol, null, null);

But how can extract the data from that Graphic and do something with that data? I want to create a InfoTemplate only for that graphic.


I don't wan't to call .graphics[0] that way, I want to pick the array from clickin on the Graphic.

I was trying some this.map.on('click', (evt) => but what I need is to click on a specific Graphic.

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You should setup a click event listener on the GraphicsLayer. Something like this:

layerMarkers.on('click', function(evt) {
  var graphic = evt.graphic;
  console.log("Clicked graphic:", graphic);

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