I am having a problem in migrating from Vbscript to Python for ArcGIS Pro.

Building 5, Street 6

What is wrong in this expression?

"{}:{}:{}:{}:{}:{}".format("Building ",!Building_Number!," , ",!Street_Type!), " " ,!Street_Number!

First glance - it looks like your parentheses in the wrong place:

"{}:{}:{}:{}:{}:{}".format("Building ",!Building_Number!," , ",!Street_Type!, " " ,!Street_Number!)
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    This would return a string of values separated by colons. – smiller Jun 17 '19 at 21:32

Try Code Block:

def bs(bnumber, stype):
    return "Building {0}, Street {1}".format(bnumber,stype)

Call with:

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