I'm trying to use the field calculator to poplulate a string field in a table based on info in another string field. This is what I have:

def Reclass(Correction_Comments):
         return 'IN PARCEL 103'

In the call box:

Reclass( !Correction_Comments!)

I keep getting a parsing error. What's wrong?

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The parameter "Correction_Comments" from your function is not used at all within the function. Instead, there is a variable "MSAGSTREETNAME", a local variable that is not referenced elsewhere. In addition, the if statement is using an assignment (=) rather than a test (==).


def Reclass(streetnamefield):
     if streetnamefield == 'HEMLOCK':
         return 'IN PARCEL 103'

Reclass( !Correction_Comments!)

This will pass the field Correction_Comments into your Reclass function. You may instead want to run this in the Field Calculator for the Correction_Comments field, against the MGAGSTREETNAME field e.g. right click Correction_Comments, Field Calculator, and run with Reclass(!MGAGSTREETNAME!).


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