I already connected the MS Access DB to QGIS via ODBC. Moreover, I applied the tool "create point layer from table" and I got all points from the DB (longitude/latitude coordinates) on my map. And after updating the DB I clicked the Refresh Button in QGIS, but nothing happened.

Only after I break the odbc connection and create a new one, I see the results in QGIS.

Can I change this?Is it not working automated?

  • Does there exist any solution? – Dave Sep 4 at 12:39
  • Welcome to GIS SE, what version of QGIS are you running? – artwork21 Sep 4 at 13:40
  • Hello, its version 3.4.11. I need the refreshing because i have to update the the access db every because it contains information about vessels (coordinates) and I have to display them in QGIS. In other words, the map has to be up to date. thank you very much. – Dave Sep 5 at 8:41
  • Is it possible with another database (postgresql)? – Dave Sep 6 at 6:35

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