I want to get the properties of a feature. How can I do that? In the example below we can get one of the properties out like so feature.get('species'). How can we get all of them at once? This is a failure feature.get('properties')

It works for geometry like feature.geometry() but not for properties.

// Make a feature and set some properties.
var feature = ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point([-122.22599, 37.17605]))
  .set('genus', 'Sequoia').set('species', 'sempervirens');

// Get a property from the feature.

//dictionary of property names and values

//or list of either property names or values

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  • fantastic. Thanks – OverFlow Police Feb 18 at 3:14
  • print(feature.toDictionary(feature.propertyNames())) if you also want the system properties – Kuik Feb 19 at 0:41

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