I am an intermediate user of ArcMap (version 10x), and the process that I do manually is:

I relate the table of a feature class (representing parcels, cadastral division of a city) to another table that contains data of the real estate market (offering for sale, sales records values ​​actually realized). The common field for the relationship that I use is the number of the parcel, and I use the relationship of tables because it is a one-to-many relation.

When operated manually, I select the records in the table with data from the real estate market and the relationship automatically selected table records in the feature class "parcels" (with the same number) and, from this selection I create a new layer representing the parcels of the city about which you have a real estate information.

At this point, the result is satisfactory, the problem I have is when I want to automate the process with ModelBuilder, especially when trying to relate the tables, as the relationship does not appear as a tool in ArcToolbox

How do I implement the process described in ModelBuilder?

I'll try to explain better:I have a shapefile and its attribute table ("table "1") has a field called "padron" whose number identifies each parcel.Also I have a table (table "2") with real estate market's data relating the price of homes for sale with the registration number of the parcel (field called "padron" too). Sometimes, it may be that there are several houses in a parcel (therefore with the same number in "padron"). In this cases, in the table "2" each house is identified with a different record's number in a field called "UNIDAD". For example: Shapefile attribute table ("1"):


2784 Polygon 999 82.1389 339.2183

4596 Polygon 998 59.1372 204.4819

4487 Polygon 997 61.0052 211.9868

And Data table ("2"):


15 09/19/2011 1289 0 87000

16 06/16/2011 999 05 45000

17 08/16/2011 119 0 73000

23 07/20/2011 43 0 52000

31 05/02/2012 999 03 92000

When I do (manually in ArcMap) a "relate" ( notes that the relation is one to many) betwen the layer of shapefile and the table "2" , finally I can export the selected features and finally get a new layer with all data, including the same PADRON values and different records in each UNIDAD. But, I could not do this procedure (relate tables and export new layer) in the ModelBuilder. I could make a join , but this tool not maintain all records where there are several houses on the same parcel (same "padron"'s record and different "unidad"'s record).


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Here are two sources of information that should help you:



and the ESRI help page on relating and joining tables: http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisdesktop/10.0/help/index.html#//005s0000002n000000

  • I worked with the information you've suggested me but obviously my knowledge is not enough to solve the problem. Thanks anyway. Oct 18, 2012 at 11:43

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