I have the below code that on a short story calculates Leaf Area Index(based on work of Schiffman et al., 2008). When i want to export the LAI collection I transform it in a list to export all the elements of the list. I used this method to export collection images in the past and it work as smooth as possible everytime.

The below code is for running the LAI script: https://code.earthengine.google.com/?scriptPath=users%2Fgeorgeboldeanu20%2Fscripturi_bune%3ALAI_L8

Right now I have problems with the exports, it exports it into tiles (2-3 maybe 4 tiles), it exports parts of the whole images(some are missing), it exports tens of small images that are emptyall fixed in size. Someone's been dealing with this issue lately??

I didnt find any answer for this, but i saw some google earth engine apps down, maybe there are some cloud issues?

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    You're asking two questions - you really should post them separately. When you export to drive, EE can tile the image for you. Look at fileDimensions in Export.image.toDrive() docs. I don't know what the default size is, so maybe these are the small tiles you're seeing. You also have the skipEmptyTiles options, which is false by default. Try setting this to true. Commented Apr 3, 2020 at 13:11
  • I edited to have one question. Thank you. Commented Apr 3, 2020 at 17:18

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Export.image.toDrive will break up large exports into tiles (reference). Your exports are unnecessarily large because the bounds for the image is being set by the extent of the Code Editor Map viewport because you have not provided a region argument to Export.image.toDrive. Define the region as the .geometry() of the image being exported. Additionally, your data are floating point (large file) - you could scale it by 100 and then convert to 16-bit to make the file size smaller.

  image: image.multiply(100).round().toInt16(), // <-- scale, cast to 16-bit
  region: image.geometry(), // <-- use the image geometry as the region to export
  description: name1,
  fileNamePrefix: name1,
  scale: 30,
  maxPixels: 1e13, , // <-- set to 1e13 - the max
  skipEmptyTiles: true,
  crs : 'EPSG:3844'
  • Thank you Justin. I really didn't knew the tilling procedure for big files. Even by now I exported some images. Everyday you learn something new I suppose. Stay safe! Commented Apr 7, 2020 at 5:29

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