When building a plugin using the QGIS Plugin Builder plugin, if I select 'Tool button with dialog' as the template, then my plugin button will be placed in the Plugins toolbar in QGIS.

If I build the plugin boilerplate with the 'Tool button with dock widget' template, then the plugin icon is put in its own toolbar.

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I have compared the code and cannot find how to change this. I would like to build a plugin with a dialog, but have the icon in its own toolbar.

Please let me know if there is a way to make my question more clear.

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Using Plugin builder version 3.2.1 I found differences. In case of Tool button with dialog in add_action function addToolBarIcon is used (line 148):


which "Add an icon to the plugins toolbar." (quote from QGIS API documentation).

In case of Tool button with dock widget a new toolbar is created in __init__ function (line 68):

self.toolbar = self.iface.addToolBar(u'test_dock')

and in the add_action function the action is added to the toolbar of the plugin (line 154):


So if you would like to create a Tool button with dialog plug-in with its own toolbar, please add your own toolbar to QGIS GUI in the __init__ function of your plug-in, for example after self.menu = ... (line 64)

self.toolbar = self.iface.addToolBar(u'my_plugin')

Please replace my_plugin to the name of your plug-in.

Change the self.iface.addToolBarIcon call in add_action function (line 147) to

   if add_to_toolbar:

I used the line numbers of the original generated code.

  • Great, thankyou for your clear help Zoltan. I had found the first part self.toolbar = self.iface.addToolBar(u'my_plugin') self.toolbar.setObjectName(u'my_plugin') but had missed the line self.toolbar.addAction(action). In the Tool button with dialog template that line is self.iface.addToolBarIcon(action), which must add it to the Plugins toolbar. Thanks again very clear answer.
    – staf
    Commented Apr 13, 2020 at 23:59

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