I want to transfer some images from Earth Engine to a Google Cloud Storage bucket. I know that I can use the following code to accomplish this task:

            image: image,
            bucket: bucket_name,
            fileNamePrefix: file_name_prefix,
            fileFormat: 'GeoTIFF'

This stores my image in the form of several chunks inside my bucket. However, I cannot see the image metadata in any of these chunks. Can someone advise me as to how to save the metadata along with the images?


you could for example export a CSV file. This gives a file with the properties of the image and their corresponding values?

            collection: ee.FeatureCollection([ee.Feature(image)]),
            bucket: bucket_name,
            fileNamePrefix: file_name_prefix,
            fileFormat: 'CSV'

If you have multiple images in one collection, you can also export the collection in once.

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