I want to print the number that corresponds to the list of classes I defined in the variable pixelClass, but when I click on my button, it only prints the label name, not the number. How can I make it to print only the number?

My code:

var pixelClass = {
  'All' : 0,
  'Soil' : 2,
  'Water' : 3,
  'Dead Grass' : 5,
  'Marsh' : 6,
  'Scrub' : 7,
  'Grass' : 8,
  'Forested Upland' : 9,
  'Forested Wetland' : 10,
  'Developed' : 11,

var classSelector = ui.Select({
  items: Object.keys(pixelClass),
  value: null,
  style: {width: '35%', stretch: 'horizontal',padding:'0px 0px 0px 10px'}

var Button = ui.Button({
  label: 'Print Value', 
  style: {width: '45%', stretch: 'horizontal',padding:'0px 0px 0px 10px'},
  onClick: function getValue(){
    return print(classSelector.getValue())

var panel = ui.Panel({
  layout: ui.Panel.Layout.flow('vertical'),
  style: {width: '350px'}   });
ui.root.insert(0, panel);

Link: https://code.earthengine.google.com/91c0a53623b8ea0a901d2f7751884e3c


Because you specified

items: Object.keys(pixelClass),

the values that the ui.Select has are the names in pixelClass. In order to get the values of pixelClass, you need to look up the name in pixelClass.

  onClick: function getValue(){

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