EGDB: Oracle 18c; ArcGIS 10.7.1

External system: Oracle 12c

I have a materialized view in an EGDB that syncs data from an external system (on a schedule via a dblink).

The materialized view has an SDO_GEOM column (since using SDE.ST_GEOMETRY isn't possible due to an Oracle limitation here and here).

create materialized view my_gis_schema.wo_mv --EGDB
build immediate 
refresh force 
on demand 
start with sysdate next sysdate + (5/(60*60*24))
    cast(workorderid as number(38,0)) as objectid,
    --other fields
    sdo_geometry(2001, 80085, sdo_point_type(longitudex, latitudey, null), null, null) as shape
    maximo.workorder@gistomax --dblink

create materialized view log on maximo.workorder with rowid;  --external system


When I add the MV to ArcMap, the layer works fine.

However, the performance is surprisingly poor. It takes 10 seconds to load 6,000 points in the map.

In contrast, if I ignore the static SDO_GEOM column, and instead construct a shape column on-the-fly from the non-spatial XY columns, the performance is much better (1-second):

  • I generated an SDO_GEOM column on-the-fly in a regular view (fast!)
  • And alternatively, I created an XY event layer from the non-spatial XY columns in the MV (also fast)

Why is the static SDO_GEOM column so much slower than columns that are calculated on-the-fly?

This seems very counterintuitive to me.

  • Perhaps you have indexes on longitudex, latitudey but not on SDO_GEOM.
    – user30184
    Nov 24, 2020 at 21:16
  • You should create the geometry with the appropriate SRID for GCS WGS84, and make sure the spatial index is constructed.
    – Vince
    Nov 25, 2020 at 1:13
  • @Vince I wonder if I can use the Add Spatial Index geoprocessing tool for this (instead of doing it manually).
    – User1974
    Nov 25, 2020 at 3:46
  • If I already have the SQL window open, I'm unlikely to start another app, but sure.
    – Vince
    Nov 25, 2020 at 4:53

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You may not have indexed the constructed geometry.

SDE_Geometry(2001, 80085, SDO_Point_Type(longitudex, latitudey, NULL), NULL, NULL) as shape


Then create spatial index:

CREATE INDEX WO_MV_SX ON WO_MV(shape) INDEXTYPE IS mdsys.spatial_index PARAMETERS ('layer_gtype=POINT');

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