I'm using GeoServer to serve data by WMS. They're all GeoTIFFs for now. I've organized them into Layer Groups (Container Tree).

When I use the Data Source Manager in QGIS to connect to the server, it lists all the layer groups, which can expand to the layers, which can expand to "default-style" and "raster" (and "dem" in the case where I added that as an option).

I've searched and experimented and haven't found a way to prevent it from showing the "default-style" under every single layer. When I add it as a layer in QGIS, it shows nothing. I know it is somehow related to the layer group, as when I have these layers outside of the layer group, the "default-style" does not appear.

Anyone know how to get rid of that "default-style" entry from every layer in the group?

enter image description here

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If your GeoServer version is recent enough then you can turn the default styles off by going to WMS settings and uncheck this setting:

enter image description here

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