I would like to dynamically label a hiking circuit in the center (if the line is acting like a polygon and the label is centered). You can see it in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

I know I could do the following:

  1. Line to Polygon
  2. Label in the center of the polygon

But I need a fast and dynamic solution to save Hardware Resources. It's not for printing a hiking map, is for working in different scales within QGIS. I tried several label settings but found no solution.

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In the "Geometry Generator" of the label placement tab, use the following expression:

centroid(make_polygon($geometry))  -- use point_on_surface or pole_of_inaccessibility in place of centroid to guarantee the label is inside the shape

A polygon is made from the line $geometry and its centroid is used as the label position.

enter image description here

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    Why not simply centroid ($geometry)? Works also for a polyline - even if it is not closed.
    – Babel
    Commented Feb 1, 2022 at 20:18
  • 1
    make_polygon works on an unclosed line. In the case of a horseshoe shape the centroid might not be 'inside' the line. In which case point_on_surface or pole_of_inaccessibility would be preferable.
    – Matt
    Commented Feb 1, 2022 at 20:32

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