I want to do some calculations based on a column which has the same name as the layout name (Graugans in this example).

To have less typing work, I thought about using the layout name as variable. But it doesn't work, the expression dialog shows: No feature was found on this layer to evaluate the expression.

But when I type the name Graugans instead of @layout_name, it works...What am I doing wrong?

Here is the code:

This doesn't work:

aggregate( 'bgrbauswertung22_4f14ac5b_b4c2_4f88_a29b_16379028da2e', 'sum',  "@layout_name")

This works:

aggregate( 'bgrbauswertung22_4f14ac5b_b4c2_4f88_a29b_16379028da2e', 'sum',  "Graugans")

@layout_name gives back Graugans


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A double quote references a field in a layer. Here it searches for a field called @layout_name, which is not present in the layer.

You need to use eval() function to evaluate the variable @layout_name first:


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