I am currently trying to configure the home page facets and search facets in my GeoNetwork 4.4.4 application, but I've encountered some challenges.

Issues Encountered:

Missing config-summary.xml:

According to the documentation, I should be able to configure facets in the config-summary.xml file. However, I cannot find this file in the expected location (WEB-INF/config).

Editing CatController.js:

I attempted to modify CatController.js located in src/main/webapp/geonetwork/catalog/js, but my changes don't seem to take effect. I'm not sure if I'm missing a step or if there's a caching issue.

User Interface:

The user interface doesn't seem to provide options to configure these facets directly.


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This works in 4.2.9, so it might work for you.

In the User interface console in the admin console:

  • Click the "Choose an option to customize" drop-down.
  • Select "Search application / Facets configuration"
  • Scroll down to Facets configuration and you will see the text box now populated with the config.

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