I haven't gone entirely through GeoExt. But I am trying to understand the below code, but I am struck. The below code is about creating popups of feature information. But the layers added are WMS Layers, How can a WMS layer contain feature information. It is not a vector layer.

        OpenLayers.ImgPath = "../../resources/openlayers/img/";

        // the `panel` and `popup` variables are declared here for easy debugging
        var panel, popup;

        Ext.onReady(function() {

            // queryable WMS layer
            var zoning = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
                "Medford Zoning",
                {layers: "medford:zoning", format: "image/gif", transparent: "true"}

            panel = new GeoExt.MapPanel({
                title: "MapPanel",
                renderTo: "map-id",
                height: 300,
                width: "100%",
                layers: [
                    new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
                        "Global Imagery",
                        {layers: "openstreetmap", format: "image/png"}
                center: [-122.87, 42.34],
                zoom: 13

            // create a control to get feature info from queryable layers
            var control = new OpenLayers.Control.WMSGetFeatureInfo({
                url: "/geoserver/wms"

            // register a listener for the getfeatureinfo event on the control
                getfeatureinfo: function(event) {
                    // close existing popup
                    if (popup) {
                    popup = new GeoExt.Popup({
                        title: "Popup",
                        map: panel.map,
                        lonlat: panel.map.getLonLatFromPixel(event.xy),
                        width: 250,
                        autoScroll: true,
                        collapsible: true,
                        bodyStyle: {padding: 5},
                        html: event.text



The map is like this :

enter image description here


I changed the zoning layer to some other WMS layer in GeoServer. Now I can load the layer and everything else except that when I click, popup button opens but feature information is not coming.

I found in GeoServer documentation that there is GetFeature request availability for WMS layers. But there are some settings to be changed and I couldn't understand those. Please help changing those settings so that popup can show the feature information of the layer i.e., GetFeature request is accessible.


This is that GeoServer manual link where I read about WMS settings: http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/webadmin/data/layers.html


Found it! We should use proxy settings for features unlike normal layers. So I should replace the URL with protocol and formats.

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