I am running QGIS 1.8 (SpatiaLite 3.0.1) and QSpatiaLite 6.0.1.

I have a spatial table EventPrecise (with geometry column p in EPSG:4326). I want to join this table with another, non-spatial table Event and produce a new spatial table out of it with EPSG:21781, while at the same time filtering on a non-spatial attribute t. This is my query:

SELECT e.id, e.oid, e.type, e.subtype, e.t, ST_Transform(ep.p, 21781) AS p
FROM event e LEFT OUTER JOIN eventprecise ep ON e.id = ep.eid
WHERE datetime(e.t) > datetime('2013-02-05 18:20:00') AND datetime(e.t) < datetime('2013-02-19 08:31:00');

When running this query in QSpatiaLite with options "Create Spatial Table & Load in QGIS", and geometry column = "p", I get the error:

'%s' doesn't correspond to a geometry field, try with another field name

Creating a View works though.. is this a bug?

EDIT: Turns out that it works when doing an INNER JOIN, so p is never null - still, is this normal behaviour?

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